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COVID-19 Surface Testing

We’re pleased to have partnered with Forensic Building Specialists*, an Auckland-based business which has been busy undertaking COVID-19 surface testing in a range of facilities where there is a risk or concern of environmental transmission of the virus ... and bring this locally run service to our PASLR customers. This service is particularly relevant for schools, gyms, accommodation, restaurants, factories and other ‘high volume’ people areas.

COVID-19 surface testing can help ensure:

  • Employers meet their H&S responsibility to ensure places of work have hazards removed or reduced as much as practicable
  • Your cleaning processes are up to standard
  • Reduction of anxiety in the workplace - for customers, students, members and employees
  • You demonstrate that the safety and peace of mind of your people and customers is important to you
  • You genuinely mitigate the risk of any transmission of COVID-19 via workplace or facility surfaces.
  • Prices begin at $495 + GST for a small site (up to 5 surface samples) - and no job is too big or small.

If you would like to know more about COVID-19 surface testing you can:

  • Register your interest/make an enquiry with Forensic Building Specialists here
  • Let Forensic Building Specialists know what questions you have here (they will post answers to these in the coming weeks.
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* Forensic Building Specialists are the professional choice for asbestos surveys, meth, COVID-19, soil and mould testing with over 40 years of experience in surveying, reporting, auditing and management. They work with property owners, property managers, commercial construction companies, schools, project managers, insurance companies, the Ministry of Education and more. Find out more at:

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