Customer Case Study: Under the Pump to Provide Sewerage Solution

Greenlane resident John MacGillivray initially contacted PASLR when their family home had experienced a power outage and the breaker kept tripping in the house. After calling an electrician out to the property he discovered the sewerage pump was the issue. Our pump technician found the pump to be a complete failure and in fact it was still hot when we inspected it eight hours after it blew.

The property, which is situated at the bottom of a long, steep driveway requires a  pump to transfer sewage up hill for around forty metres.

“Sewage is one thing that I will not muck around with especially with the level of toxicity involved,” says John. “I have had two pumps fail in the past and have experienced having sewage leak all over the back of the property.”

“I chose a pump option that was more expensive than what I was initially looking for, but the PASLR team were very knowledgeable and explained exactly what type of pump was required to do the job properly – this also explained why the last couple of pumps had burnt out. The team were very informative and were very quick at getting the pump sorted,” he says.

The original pump was attached to flexible pipe which made removal very difficult. Once removed, we installed a Davey D75GA single phase, 0.75kW sewerage pump with float switch.

These grinder pumps are typically used for heavy duty shredding with a grinding ring at the input point, and have an open impeller, centrifugal design preventing blockages of the pump or pipework. With silent operation and quick, easy installation, they are a low maintenance choice when it comes to sewerage pumps.

“Grinder pumps are great for preventing blockages as they really help to break down waste matter by shredding it into a slurry so it is easily pumped. Regular services on the pump will not only increase the life of the pump but ensure the system is functioning at optimal performance to prevent large failures from occurring in the future,” says Kelvin Boyd, Customer Services at PASLR.

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Photo credit: By Euniceminjeong – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

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