Meet the crew – Alicia Boyd, Social Media Marketing

Alicia’s first fulltime job was as Receptionist for All Pumps in 2018. She was the bubbly and enthusiastic voice at the end of the phone for almost a year before she embarked on hospitality studies in Queenstown. Now she’s back, part-time heading up social media marketing.

“My studies were great. I learnt a lot, not only about hospitality but it taught me much needed things about how the individual sections of a company run and gave me some of the tools needed to potentially run my own business one day, just like my mum (PASLR Director, Darlene Henshaw). It made me really appreciate what she does and the effort she has to put in,” she says.

Alicia graduated in 2020, with her daughter, partner, mum and grandma all by her side – an awesome family support network which she says she is super grateful for.

Alicia’s new role involves social media marketing, connecting with customers across our social platforms. “I post content of any useful tips from the technicians out in the field, profile the crew and help keep our customers informed about what we do at PASLR and how we can help,” she says.

“I also do a lot of little extra things that can make a big difference to customers like hand written personalised thankyou cards as well as doing a bit of data entry here and there.”

Alicia is currently based in Napier with her partner and young daughter Aurora, working remotely and travelling regularly to Auckland to connect with friends and family. While she is new to juggling a baby who isn’t so keen on sleeping with work and “me time” she says she is grateful for the opportunity to be back with the PASLR team in a role she is really enjoying.

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