Meet the Crew - Blair Urlich, Operations Manager

After running the business for twenty-eight years, Darlene Henshaw appointed Blair Urlich to the role of Operations Manager in 2018.

A retired professional athlete and coach, experienced electrician and savvy networker, Blair will oversee the day to day running of the business, including managing the team’s work allocation, quoting larger jobs, ensuring the right products and quantities are stocked, and ensuring customer’s needs are being met every step of the way.

“Darlene, is very intelligent, she knows her stuff and if she doesn’t know something she finds out. She’s constantly striving to be better. Since I’ve known her in the business, she’s introduced things bit by bit which has made the business better and hopefully I’m one of those things! She’s very understanding, and we’re all just happy to bend over backwards for her and work hard for her because she’s such an incredible woman,” he says.

Blair started with the business in 2009 after retiring from a ten-year career as a professional rugby player. Prior to going professional, he became qualified as an electrician and worked for a large company as a foreman on high rises, running large gangs of electricians and gaining valuable experience working on large scale projects.

Throughout his rugby career he established his own electrical services company and co-owned two successful retail shops in Ponsonby. “My ability to be personable with people and network is something I picked up during my time as a rugby player and coaching both junior and senior rugby teams over the past eight years means I’ve also picked up a lot of skills. Having had my own company and running a couple of shops means I’ve got quite a bit of experience in having businesses of my own,” he says.

“I share Darlene’s vision and goal for the company which is to grow the business. Personally, it’s a challenge for me. I’m always challenging myself and fill my life up to challenge myself. I want to hit all the goals we set and have a company that’s growing and is successful and a good place to work,” he says.

Blair is supported in his role by a competent admin team, and says he’s fortunate to have some highly-experienced technicians on his team who he regularly calls on for input. “I still turn to them for answers to questions due to their wealth of experience and time with the company. We really do operate like a family here and there is a lot of support for each other,” he says.

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