Meet the Crew - Dragi Matic - Technician - Power

From beginning his career as one of 65,000 employees in a coal mine, Dragi Matic is quite happy to join the progressive team at PASLR.

Dragi enjoys the autonomy of his role and as someone who places great value on being technologically progressive (he’s a self-confessed computer geek and loves collecting mp3s and digital photography) he is pleased to have the use of online tools, tablets and smartphones to streamline and manage his work.

“In this type of maintenance service role, you have to be able to structure your days the best way you can and spread your workload. I’m so impressed with the system here – it is exactly what I was trying to implement in my previous company and it’s encouraging that a business this size is so advanced in this area,” he says.

Dragi has a diagnostics background. He completed his apprenticeship in his homeland of Yugoslavia in a large coal mine which employed 65,000 people, where he was part of a team of 1,500. For many years he dealt with electrical faults across the mine but was eventually pleased to leave the dust and grease of heavy duty industrial work behind him.

He came to New Zealand twenty three years ago with his wife and then three-year-old son. It was just after the Bosnian war, which caused separation and widespread unrest. He and his wife always had a desire to travel and see the world so they sought out a new life, and ended up settling here, and having two more children (now grown up).

Dragi worked for various companies in New Zealand, all in electrical diagnosis roles, his most recent was with Singer Group, who he was with for nearly fourteen years.

With PASLR since 2017, he is very happy. “I feel here that I can get through the day and achieve what I need to, and it’s working out well,” he says.

Dragi’s pro tip: “If you have a burning smell in your office or you see smouldering coming from a light fitting, the first – and only – thing you should do is turn the power off. The second thing to do is call a professional – electrics can be very dangerous and where there is smoke or an unusual smell it is not worth risking your well-being.”