Meet the Crew : Gus, Resident Canine

Friendly, dependable, enthusiastic… and he might eat your lunch if you’re not careful. Meet PASLR’s resident canine

If you pop into the office from time to time you will no doubt know Gus. Even though his mum describes him as “neurotic, pathetic and clingy,” he’s very much part of the PASLR family.

Brought on board out of necessity, thanks to an incident at home where he jumped on the kitchen bench, smashed the lid of a crockpot and ate the evening stew, Gus’ main role is to make sure everyone in the office is where they should be and everything at HQ is in order.

Known to have stolen several packed lunches from his colleagues and despite several stern warnings, this beautiful, rather gigantic Weimaraner has been a fixture in the team for the past eight years. Incredibly talented, his skillset includes being able to open zip lock bags, padlocks, sliding doors, stealing fruit from the bench and demolishing cans of sardines, can and all. A fan of avocadoes, grapes and chocolates – a few of the things that are potentially fatal for dogs – Gus is often on a dose of bone marrow broth to try and restore his gut.

Outside of work Gus enjoys a 10km walk every day and loves to go hiking with his family. He’s very active which is probably the only reason he hasn’t died of fatness.

Like the rest of the PASLR team, Gus comes to work each day ready to do the best job possible. His idea of what this means isn’t always in line with management, but he’s only canine and his inability to behave himself is overshadowed by the affection he demonstrates to his colleagues and the joy his presence brings.

If you see Gus around the office, he’s very approachable, especially if you’ve brought snacks!

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