Meet the Crew: Kam Singh - Technician - Power

Meet Kam – he’s young and enthusiastic and absolutely loves what he does.

Kam grew up in New Delhi, India where he studied for an electrical diploma. After moving to New Zealand in 2007 and gaining citizenship he had the opportunity to study professional cookery which resulted in him buying into several restaurants. He has recently shifted gears, selling two of his three businesses to get back to what he loves doing best – electrical work.

While he loves the customer interaction which the hospitality industry brings, he is thrilled to be back working in the electrical field. “I just love everything about it. I love all that DIY stuff and am a very hands-on person. I feel like I’m finally doing what I am meant to be doing,” he says.

Kam says he is extremely grateful for the opportunity to join the PASLR team where his role includes lamp replacement and minor electrical work. He says he is keen to pick up further studies in the near future.

Kam confesses that he likes to keep busy and his friendly disposition means he enjoys meeting new people. “Over the past several months have become familiar with all of our customers and their buildings and I’m very much enjoying the job,” he says.

Outside of work Kam and his wife are busy raising their one-year old daughter with help from their families in India. She is already enjoying international jet-setting and being spoilt by her grandparents. Kam is also the proud owner of Milano’s Pizza in Papatoetoe, so pop in for a slice if you’re ever in the neighbourhood.