Meet the Crew - Kelvin Boyd, Team Leader & Sales Coordinator

Kelvin joined the PASLR team in 2020 and is responsible for the smooth operations of the pump team, a role which requires him to be able to adapt and think on his feet.

“It’s been important coming into the business that I’ve been open to taking advice from the technicians who know their craft and able to soak up as much knowledge as I can from them,” he says.

“I enjoy customer service because there is huge satisfaction out of providing a person with the perfect solution to a problem or giving them an unforgettable experience like taking a person skydiving in my previous job.”

Kelvin previously worked as a Segway tour guide in Queenstown, showing tourists around the town and teaching them about its history. He also worked for Nzone Skydive as the shop sales and reservations supervisor, running a team of twelve, preparing tourists to go skydiving and selling other activities around town. Prior to this he worked for All Pumps as the ‘second man’ on pump jobs. He has also completed a Diploma of Adventure Tourism Business Management.

During his time with Nzone Skydive Kelvin began learning conversational Mandarin. “We had a large Chinese market and many of them were unable to speak English. I wanted to be able to help them and give them a great experience, so started to learn one word at a time from a fellow colleague who was on a working holiday from China. One word turned into many and soon enough I could pull some sentences together. The reactions I got as this young Kiwi guy who could speak Chinese but had never been to China were priceless and so I continued to learn,” he says.

Outside of work Kelvin plays football, enjoys the outdoors and adventure activities, going for hikes, boating and loves traveling when he can.

Kelvin says it is an exciting time to join PASLR. “Not only is this an uncertain time but also a time for opportunity and being able to join a company that is taking steps forward instead of backwards is great to be a part of,” he says.

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