Meet the crew: Marizanne Fourie – Customer Experience Administrator

Marizanne started with PASLR in April 2024 in a newly created role designed to give customers a platform to share their feedback.

“Once a job is completed and before we invoice the customer, I check in with our technicians to ensure all the parts and labour specified is correct and that the job went smoothly. Whenever possible, I will phone the customer to make sure that they’re happy with the service and sort out any issues. It doesn’t matter if we get positive or negative feedback, the customer gets that personal touch and a platform to express themselves,” says Marizanne.

Prior to immigrating to New Zealand in November 2023, Marizanne worked as a pharmacist in South Africa for seven years. Both her and her husband, who is in the mining industry, had a dream to live in New Zealand.

“It wasn’t an easy move but there was a reason we did it. You have to be open minded and open to doing something other than what you’re used to. It has been exciting. I never imagined I would be working with a company that does water, pumps and electricity and I haven’t had the opportunity to work in a team like this before so I’m really enjoying it – they  are very supportive and I’m learning a lot,” she says.

One of the big appeals about New Zealand was the work-life balance and no longer working weekends. Marizanne spends her spare time out in nature and at the beach with her beloved Boston Terrier, whereas her husband prefers more extreme sports.

“It’s also important that people know how much I love my dog. We brought him over and we waited four months for him to be released. We don’t have kids yet, so he’s it,” she said.

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