Meet the Crew - Matthew Boyd -Technician - Pumps

From whale watching to nickel mining to building control panels on sewerage pumps, Matthew’s career has been anything but boring.

Matthew has been with the PASLR team since the start of 2016 and has brought some wonderful skills and experiences to his role as Pump Technician.

His career started in the nickel mines of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia where he worked as a trade assistant.

Returning home, he completed an electrical foundation course at Polytech in Nelson. From there, he started building electronic scales on fishing boats and after completing a marine engineering course landed his dream job as a maintenance engineer at Whale Watch Kaikoura, working on a fleet of large catamarans and interacting with tourists from all over the world.

Since settling in Auckland and joining the PASLR team Matthew says about a third of his work is on rural proprieties. “I get to see some beautiful parts of Auckland. I grew up in the South Island, but I love the challenge of Auckland’s fast pace,” he says.

Since joining the team, Matthew has been training and improving his skills and is now a fully qualified electrical service technician. He’s driving around in a comfy work vehicle and he and his wife are looking to buy their first home.

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