Meet the Crew - Norman Smith - Technician - Pumps

Norman Smith was in search of a brighter future for himself and his family and has found it in New Zealand with the PASLR team.

In February 2017, Norman, wife Cornelia, and sons Walter and Connor, packed up their home in Musina, South Africa to start a new life on New Zealand’s shores.

Norman says they considered Canada and Australia but after arriving in New Zealand in November for a month of exploring they received such a warm and friendly welcome they knew this would become home. “Before we even left the airport my wife said, ‘that’s it, I’m done, I’m moving to New Zealand’,” he says.

Norman approached PASLR prior to his visit in November and Darlene Henshaw, Director, says he was proactive, personable, and enthusiastic. “Even though delays with immigration are never ideal if it’s the right person it is worth the wait,” she says.

Prior to joining PASLR, Norman worked for twenty years as a qualified fitter and turner for De Beers at South Africa’s largest diamond mine, Venetia. His experience lies with big industrial pumps so his new role has been an adjustment. He’s grateful for the opportunity to have already attended several courses to bring his electrical skills up to speed.

As a technician at PASLR his role involves service checks on residential pumps, changing of filters and UV lights, fault finding and providing solutions for system improvements. Within the commercial arena, he takes care of storm water and sewerage pump maintenance.

Now based on Auckland’s North Shore, Norman and his family are enjoying a peaceful lifestyle, his wife has a job and the kids are settled. A trip to the beach is a regular pleasure and no longer a once a year, 1000km excursion as it was when living in Musina.

Norman says if it wasn’t for PASLR he doesn’t know where they would be now. “It’s definitely a people company, I was working for Anglo American, a massive mine with around 5,000 people on the site, and in a big company like that at the end of the day you just feel like you’re a number, you don’t mean anything to the company. At All Pumps, you feel like you are part of the company and part of the process, which is nice, it’s a big change,” he says.