Meet the Crew: Rayhaan Ali - Technician - Pumps

He may be one of the younger members of the PASLR team, but Rayhaan is a fully trained pump technician and brings a wealth of experience with all things Microlene from his past role with Davey.

After leaving school, Rayhaan completed a six-month electrical course then joined a company carrying out appliance installation and repairs. After a year he jumped at the opportunity to get out of the warehouse and hit the road as a Microlene cooler technician with Davey.

When his contract with Davey came to an end, he was given a glowing reference and at twenty years old became the youngest member of the PASLR team.

Rayhaan primarily looks after customers south of Auckland with water filter and cooler installation and maintenance, UV lamp changes and more. His experience with Microlene products means he is already training other members of the team.

“I really enjoy the job – meeting new people, making new friends, going into different areas and companies and getting to know their business,” he says. “In the future I’m interested in doing further study in electrical and pumps.”

“Rayhaan is really passionate about doing a good job for our customers and our company. He’s quiet, a hard worker and is a real asset to our team,” says Darlene Henshaw, Director.

Rayhaan says he wishes everyone had water filters or coolers installed in their homes. “Sometimes I remove a cartridge and it is brown – not a colour you want to see – and it shows just how much muck is in our unfiltered water,” he says. “You can tell when a cartridge is coming to the end of its life and you can always taste the difference when a new one has been installed. Remembering to change your filters within the recommended time is really important.”

In his spare time you’ll find Rayhaan on his PS4 or spending time with his extended family who live close by. He confesses his visits to them are often determined by what’s on the menu.

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