Meet the crew : Stitch, Resident Canine

Our new resident canine may be small, but she’s quickly made herself a big part of the PASLR office.

Little Stitch, a one-year old French Bulldog has quickly won the hearts of the PASLR team.

“She mostly builds morale in the office and loves people – she has quite a lot of human friends and is very popular for such a young dog,” says owner Stevie Culley, Systems Administrator.

“In the office she licks the technician’s shoes, sleeps, runs around with milk bottles and when she’s done something naughty she hides under Kelvin’s desk.”

Stevie and fiancé Blair Urlich, Operations Manager cycle to and from work each day with Stitch sitting in a box on the back of Stevie’s bike. She not only loves bike rides but walks, playing with ropes, scratches on the belly and cuddles – she is very affectionate… but beware, she also snores and farts.

Stitch was named after the dog in the Disney film Lilo and Stitch, “She kind of looks like him and goes crazy and wild like him too,” says Stevie.

Make sure to say hi to Stitch when you visit the PASLR showroom – she’s more than happy to give out free cuddles with any purchase.