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Available 24/7 for emergencies

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Microlene Centurion XS UV system for rainwater purification

Unbeatable value for whole house rainwater treatment

If you rely solely on rainwater at your house, the Microlene Centurion XS UV system is the perfect solution for whole house water purification and disinfection – providing clean, great tasting water no matter where you turn on the tap.

Offering the recommended three stages of filtration in one compact unit – coarse filtration to remove solid matter, fine filtration to remove giardia and cryptosporidium cysts and UV disinfection to inactivate bacterial and viral contaminants – you are guaranteed superior water quality throughout your whole home.

The system boasts quick, fail-safe installation and the innovative design allows feedwater to enter the filters from either the right or left side of the unit – allowing for more installation options.

It also has the most advanced residential controller on the market which means homeowners can check diagnostics, status, warnings and can scan QR codes for quick link back to the website for further support and replacement parts.

Want pure, healthy water for your rainwater harvesting? Shop our whole house water filtration solutions today.Why choose the Microlene Centurion XS UV system?

  • Economical three stage filtration and disinfection
  • Potable, safe water throughout the whole house
  • Won’t reduce water pressure in any way (with regular filter changes)
  • Plug and play – easy, low-labour installation
  • Most advanced residential controller on the market

For whole house water filtration systems to ensure your water is safe to drink, cook with and bathe in shop our range of filters here. Never miss a filter change.

Changing your filters as per the manufacturer’s recommendation is crucial to guaranteeing safe, healthy water. When we install a Microlene Centurion XS UV system we will load all the details into our monitoring software which will automatically remind when your filters need to be changed. You can choose to have them sent to you, pick them up from our store, or we can replace them for you.

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