Davey Aquashield 2.0 - competitive pricing, incredible benefits

Competitive pricing, incredible benefits

The Davey Aquashield 2.0 combines the very best that Davey has to offer in two superior plug-and-play packages for domestic water boosting and treatment.

Offering the convenience of water pressure, filtration and disinfection in a neat and tidy package Ross Simpson, Country Manager for Davey Water Products says the new system is the next generation on from the Davey Microlene Aquashield MAX.

“There’s a little bit more connectivity going on, we’ve utilised the Davey Microlene Centurion Xtra Smart UV filtration system with Bluetooth and QR Reader capable controllers and the Davey DynaDrive VSD pump gives us the market edge by providing the ultimate energy efficient pumping set up,” he says.

The three stage filtration system includes coarse filtration to remove solid matter, fine filtration to eliminate giardia and cryptosporidium cysts and UV disinfection to inactivate bacterial and viral contaminants – leaving you with safe, clean potable water.

“We are really proud of these systems. They are designed, fabricated and assembled here in New Zealand for New Zealand homes and we’ve gone out of the square to keep the work local,” says Ross.

“We have been working closely with Davey for over thirty years and one of the benefits we pass on to our customers is that we know who makes the products we install, so when it comes to maintenance or any issues, we have direct access to the people who designed and manufactured the products – it just adds that peace of mind that you’re not going to be left high and dry if you need additional support.”

What sets Davey Aquashield 2.0 apart?

  • Kiwi innovation – designed, fabricated and assembled in New Zealand
  • Latest technology – the best of what Davey has to offer in water treatment and energy efficient, continuous pressure pumping
  • Powder coated aluminium housing – for protection against the elements and tampering
  • Simple plug-n-play installation – saves time and money with the only requirements being that plumbing is connected to the external fittings and the unit is plugged into an external power supply
  • Smart and sleek design – designed to been non-obtrusive when placed on the side of the house, with a sliding cover that allows easy access in tight spaces
  • Davey quality and reliability – Davey have been providing trusted solutions for over 85 years and the product is backed with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind

How to choose the right water boosting and treatment system

Both versions feature the latest Davey Microlene Centurion Xtra Smart UV filtration system that filters and sterilises your water to ensure it is safe for drinking.

Davey Aquashield 2.0 with Davey DynaDrive AS20DDDavey Aquashield 2.0 with Davey DynaDrive AS20DD – is perfect for homes reliant on rainwater and capable of supplying constant pressure for medium to large homes. Featuring Davey’s newest home pressure pump the Davey DynaDrive, it is energy efficient with quiet operation and variable speed drive that smoothly ramps up and down depending on demand.

Davey Aquashield 2.0 with Davey RainBank (AS20RB) Davey Aquashield 2.0 with Davey RainBank (AS20RB) – is designed for homes with rainwater tanks and access to mains water to allow for automatic switching between the two, prioritising the use of their rainwater reserves to save money and our most precious resource. The key feature is the Davey RainBank switching device that is proven to save up to 40% on household mains water.

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