Our name in lights

A new company name and new premises called for new signage at PASLR headquarters. Luckily we had some experts on hand to help us shine.

“We think it looks amazing,” says Blair Urlich, Operations Manager of the new building signage. “After all, you can’t claim to be experts in lighting and not have great lighting on your own building.”

Signage at the Albany premises incorporates LED spotlights which are relatively low wattage (30 watts) but really bright and LED strip lighting which is designed to be hidden. “The strip lighting is really effective for signage – it is subtle yet bright and has a really modern, slick look to it,” says Blair.

This style of lighting is also widely used in designer kitchens and to back light bars. Because the lamps and fittings are waterproof they can be exposed to the elements and work perfectly outside.

The lamps are on a timer and a photo cell / daylight switch which means they automatically switch on and off depending on how dark it is. They also have a dimmer installed so they can be adjusted to suit.

PASLR can help you with all your lighting design needs, we can offer advice, give recommendations and have the experience to help you get your name up in lights too.

Give us a call today on 0800 255 786.

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