PASLR Take Over Wellington Cooler Business

PASLR have recently acquired the Microlene Water Cooler Servicing business in the Wellington region, previously operated by Davey Water Products, taking care of the maintenance and servicing of water coolers (including replacing filters) in commercial, residential and government owned properties such as Hutt Valley DHB’s busy Hutt Hospital.

Wellington customers should experience the same great service from technicians they are used to dealing with – only now under a different name. Kevin O’Brien, who joins the PASLR team from Davey, has become familiar with the locations and units over the past year and is focussed on continuing the same level of service customers have come to expect.

Ross Simpson, Country Manager at Davey is confident the move to PASLR will be a positive one for customers. “The PASLR team have undergone an extensive training regime to ensure customers receive the level of service they have come to expect from us. They are following all the same ISO9001 sanitising procedures that we have invested a lot of time in maintaining and will make sure that all customers receive their services in a timely manner,” he says.

Tip from the field:

Kevin says a key point for customers to note is that Microlene filters have a life span of up to three years when used in a residential setting, however in high-use commercial properties filters should be changed once a year, with maintenance and cleaning scheduled in every three months.

“If you leave it longer than that you can start to see stuff build up inside the bottle,” he says. “I recently serviced a cooler which hadn’t been cleaned for close to nine months and when the white brush came out of the bottle it was black – just because the water is clear doesn’t mean it’s safe to drink,” he says.

To book a service or ask about how we can get purified filtered water into your home or office call us on 0800 255 786.

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