Water so clean you can drink out of the toilet cistern!

Microlene Centurion XS UV water treatment systemThe Wallace family of Kohukohu, an idyllic village in the far North, are now enjoying great tasting water throughout their whole house thanks to the installation of a Microlene Centurion XS UV system. Relying solely on rainwater collected in two large tanks the family now have peace of mind that their water not only tastes great but is safe, healthy and free from nasties.

Blair Urlich, Operations Manager at PASLR says many people on rainwater supply often just install an under bench carbon filter for their kitchen drinking water, and while this gets rid of the taste and smell it doesn’t entirely eliminate the risk.

“Adding that third stage of filtration with a UV chamber is what removes bacterial and viral contaminants. With a whole house solution like the Centurion, you’re not only getting three-stage filtration and safe drinking water, you’re guaranteed healthy water in your shower and in your bathroom when you clean your teeth – everywhere the water runs will be drinkable.”

Blair says the installation was straight forward and the family noticed the difference in water quality immediately. “It’s actually a great price for what you get. A stand-alone UV chamber can cost as much as the whole system, so it’s a really economical solution,” he says.

Microlene Centurion XS UV three-stage filtration and disinfectionMicrolene Centurion XS UV System – Unbeatable value for whole house rainwater treatment

Rest assured your water will be safe and taste great with the Microlene Centurion XS UV System’s three-stage filtration and disinfection for domestic rainwater harvesting. Boasting easy ‘plug and play’ installation with sophisticated smart controller, this tidy unit is unbeatable on its value for money.


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