Available 24/7 for emergencies

Available 24/7 for emergencies

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Thermal imaging and fault finding

Testing and tagging appliances
Thermal imaging is now a part of regular electrical maintenance

With all of our electricians currently (or soon to be) qualified thermographers, we have invested a considerable amount into upskilling our team. We have also upgraded our reporting software to provide our customers with a service that ensures regular electrical maintenance reporting is more concise and accurate.

Electrical Maintenance Call-in Service – for Peace of Mind

Regular scheduled maintenance

“Where we used to do a visual check on distribution boards, now by using thermal imaging we can look a lot deeper, we can see straight away if there is a current imbalance of the power being used and if needed we can re-distribute your power evenly, this will result in a reduction of your power bill,” says Blair Urlich, Operations Manager.

What sets PASLR apart from other thermal imaging companies is that our thermographers are also qualified electricians. “Thermography is not just a point and shoot process, you need to know how to interpret the images and use experience and expertise to be able to fix issues highlighted,” he says.

For more information on thermal imagining and how it can benefit your company click here or contact us on 09 414 0030 or email service@paslr.co.nz.

Thermal imagining revealing the hottest point in the distribution board

The red triangle shows the hottest point in the distribution board. This is one of ten readings available on this particular camera

Thermal imaging camera results
Distribution board

It’s a completely different picture inspecting the distribution board using a thermal imaging camera.

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