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Electrical Upgrades & Maintenance

Keeping Your Energy Flowing!

PASLR will help create an Electrical Maintenance Plan suited to your business and your budget to keep things humming at your workplace.

What We Do
Testing and tagging appliances

Distribution Boards

We strongly recommend that you have an inspection of your Distribution Boards at least once a year as part of an on-going preventative maintenance programme, in order to prevent possible power outages or other emergencies.

During this time we may find your loads are not balanced and you are paying more than necessary in power consumption. Potential hazards are identified and heat tests completed allowing the danger of potential electrical fires to be reduced. More in-depth thermal imaging and camera usage can be applied if required.

General Electrical Work

If you ever experience a break down in the middle of your busy working day, there is always a qualified electrician available to receive your call and respond within the hour.

From the initial quotation through to the completion of the job and liaising with any of your other preferred contractors, your allocated registered electrician can repair a switch socket, or power point to upgrading your switch board.

Time Clock Adjustment

Our automated scheduling system makes your life easier with the change to daylight savings. Your allocated registered electrician can adjust your time clocks so you don’t have to think about it whether going into summer or winter hours.

Test & Tagging

All appliances that plug into a normal power point including computers and leads need to be tested at a frequency based on usage and your individual Health and Safety Policies. 90% of defects are noticed by an experienced visual inspection. Equipment should be visually and physically tested in accordance with AS/NZS 3760:2010.

PASLR can keep a register of all your equipment and record the formal inspections and tests. This can be incorporated in with your regular maintenance calls. For indicative testing and inspection intervals please contact us and we can e-mail you the latest recommendations.

Thermal Imaging

Our qualified thermographers use infrared cameras to identify potential issues within an electrical system and provide detailed reports and solutions. Included as part of your regular maintenance plan thermal imaging helps us find faults before they happen and more accurately pin-point the cause of problems. Our hand-held cameras also allow our electricians to access those hard to reach places in a non-invasive way, reducing safety risks and saving time.

Electrical Maintenance Call-in Service – for Peace of Mind

Regular scheduled maintenance

Our call in service is a regular, scheduled visit from your allocated PASLR technician who is familiar with your property.

They will:

  • Undertake a complete check of lighting and electrical fittings with required maintenance work completed in the same visit
  • Make suggestions for improving or upgrading your lighting (eg. to LED)
  • Provide access to technology such as Thermal Imaging to help identify issues which, when resolved, will save you money and mitigate risk

… And you’ll get a manageable monthly invoice for work carried out.

What you won’t need to worry about:
  • Having to call us to schedule in maintenance (we’ll turn up regularly unprompted)
  • Unnecessary call out fees
  • Large surprise invoices – we’ll invoice you for work carried out each visit however if no maintenance is required, you won’t be invoiced. Regular servicing ensures you keep on top of both maintenance and expenses, spreading them throughout the year
  • Health & Safety – our team are Health & Safety certified and fully compliant with all relevant regulations
  • Because we specialise in security and emergency lighting we can help ensure you’re meeting all your obligations to your tenants and also suggest improvements such as timers, LED or solar options.

Our call-in service is reserved for qualifying customers – to register your interest or find out more call us on Ph 09 414 0030.