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Lighting repairs and maintenance

Keep your lights on with our lighting and emergency lighting repair and maintenance service. We take care of your lighting installations with quality products. Contact us today to book a service.

Fast & Efficient Call-Out Services

We pride ourselves on providing a prompt and efficient call-out service for our clients. When you phone PASLR (unlike some providers), your call won’t be sent to a call centre—you will reach a professional member of our small team, who works directly with the electricians out on the road.

At PASLR, we offer a Regular Maintenance Service (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly) where you will only be charged if there is work to be done.

Electrical Maintenance Call-in Service – for Peace of Mind

Regular scheduled maintenance

In addition to this, we provide an Emergency Call-Out Service. Rates are staggered, depending on how immediate an emergency call-out needs to be. (e.g., do you need a Critical 1-hour response, Urgent 3-hour response, Standard 6-hour response, or a Non-Urgent response?).

In addition to this, if your office lighting is on an automatic switch, we will take full responsibility to ensure that the Time Clocks/Time Switches are in line with the changes that come twice a year with Daylight Savings.

Keeping Your Workplace Lights On!

No matter your needs, PASLR will help create a Lighting Maintenance Plan to suit your business and your budget. Contact us today to keep your workplace lights functioning at their best!

What We Do

Scheduled Maintenance

Most of our regular lighting maintenance is part of a scheduled system, where your company is allocated a regular electrician. Your company electrician gets to know your site and security procedures, making maintenance easy with minimal interruption on your team’s workflow.

Your Own Personal Electrician

Your electrician will call in on a regular basis (generally once a month) and change any lamps needed without you having to think about calling us out, and you’ll save the added cost of call out fees. More frequent calls can be scheduled by request.

Quality LED Products

The quality of your LED lamps is only as good as the driver and the fitting. At PASLR, we’re serious about maximising the longevity of your LEDs and reducing unnecessary maintenance. We guarantee that all components we stock are from reputable suppliers and manufacturers.

To get the most out of your LED lighting, click here to find out all you need to know about LED lighting >

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Registered Electricians

All electricians are registered with a current practicing license and can complete any additional electrical work while on-site if required.

When visiting your company site, all vehicles are fully stocked with your most frequently used lamps, so your electrician can change out old/broken lamps straight away—without having to make additional trips.

This saves you time and money as you won’t have to pay for additional trips. Furthermore, the team here is always being trained with the latest energy-efficient alternatives. They will supply your lamps with the best lighting solutions to suit your installations, and can recommend a solution within your budget.

We are here to help. Rest assured, we will provide solutions to simplify your life—not over-complicate it.

Lighting repairs and maintenance
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