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Test and Tag for Electrical Appliances

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We offer a complete management solution for testing and tagging all your electrical appliances to ensure they conform to national safety standards.

Many businesses will have a health and safety policy which requires them to ensure all appliances which plug in to a normal power point (including computers and leads) are tested to meet AS/NZS 3760:2010 standard.

This standard was established to minimise electrical hazards in the workplace and ‘tag and test’ is a service we offer as part of our regular maintenance call.

What’s involved? The testing includes inspection for damage along with collecting various measurements to gauge an appliances’ earth continuity, insulation, polarity, and physical condition. 90% of defects are noticed by an experienced visual inspection, and to be thorough we conduct both a visual and physical test on all appliances.

Blair Urlich, Operations Manager says it doesn’t take a lot of time to test six or seven items and give you peace of mind that your electrical equipment is compliant and safe for use. “The easiest and most efficient way to manage a large inventory of electrical equipment is by recording it in a database. What we like to do with our customers is create a dossier of all the appliances, computer screens, leads and everything in the workplace. We generate a unique record for each item, test and tag, then record all the details into our system. The system then alerts us when each appliance is due to be re-tested,” he says.

Most equipment, if it’s not moving around, will only need testing every 1-3 years, however items which are frequently moved such as leads, multi-boxes and portable devices we recommend testing annually.

We can easily inspect your appliances to ensure they are compliant during our regular maintenance calls. For indicative testing and inspection intervals please call us on (09) 414 0030 for the latest recommendations.

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