Available 24/7 for emergencies

Available 24/7 for emergencies

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Engine Powered Pumps for Water Transfer

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Engine driven pumps have many uses – from protecting your home, family and livelihood from bush and scrub fires to water transfer on your property or between vehicles, washing down buildings or machinery, flood recovery, irrigation and more.

If you need to move water from A to B, quickly and at a specific pressure, you need an engine powered pump.

Our technicians at PASLR can specify and supply a wide range of Davey single and twin stage water transfer (engine driven) pumps – which have been tried and tested in tough Australian conditions for over 50 years.

Talk to us about your particular need and we’ll help you find the right, reliable pump for the job.

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Applications include:

  • Firefighting
  • Tanker to tanker water transfer
  • High head general water transfer
  • Sheep jetting
  • Irrigation
  • Boom spraying
  • Travelling irrigators

5155H fire pump and Hose Kit combo verticalFree hose kit worth over $500 when you purchase a Davey engine powered pump

Let us help you choose the right engine driven pump for your needs today … and receive a free hose kit valued at $539.35*!

*Hose kit includes: 6m suction hose with foot valve and 20m discharge hose with nozzle for the best performance.

Guarantee on Davey engine powered pumps:

  • 1 year – wet end, Honda GP160 engines, Yanmar engines and accessories
  • 3 years – Honda engines

Wide range of options available

There are a number of models in the Davey range of engine driven pumps along with varying engine sizes and the option of three or four way outlets.

Engine Model and Outlet DescriptionEngine Capacity (cc)Inlet/OutletFirefighter Single StageFirefighter Twin Stage
Honda Petrol Engines
Honda GP160 (3 Way Outlet)1631½” / 1½” (3 way)5150HD
Honda GX160 (4 Way Outlet)*1631½” / 1½” (4 way)5155H5255H
Honda GX160 Viton (4 Way Outlet)1631½” / 1½” (4 way)5155HV
Honda GX160 (3 Way Outlet)1631½” / 1½” (3 way)5155H3
Honda GX200 (4 Way Outlet)*1961½” / 1½” (4 way)5165H5265H
Honda GX200 Viton (4 Way Outlet)1961½” / 1½” (4 way)5265HV
Honda GX200 (3 Way Outlet)1962″ / 1½” (3 way)5165HQ
Honda GX200 Electric Start (4 Way Outlet)1961½” / 1½” (4 way)5165HE5265HE
Honda GX200 Electric Start Viton (4 Way Outlet)1961½” / 1½” (4 way)5265HEV
Honda GX270 Electric Start (3 Way Outlet)*2702″ / 2″ (3 way)5290HE
Honda GX390 Electric Start (3 Way Outlet)*3892″ / 2″ (3 way)5113HE5213HE

*These models fitted with roll frame

Yanmar Diesel Engines
Yanmar L48N Electric Start Viton (4 Way Outlet)^


1½” / 1½” (4 way)


Yanmar L70N Diesel Electric Start + Deluxe Frame (4 Way Outlet)^


1½” / 1½” (4 way)



Yanmar L100N Diesel Electric Start + Deluxe Frame (3 Way Outlet)^


2″ / 2″ (3 way)


^Electric Start models DO NOT include batteries or leads

Engine Options
DescriptionHonda Overhead Valve Petrol Engine OptionsYanmar Diesel Engine Options
Firefighter Single Stage Models5150HD5155H
Firefighter Twin Stage Models5265H
“Out of box” governed max engine speed @ no load3800 rpm3600 rpm3000 rpm3600 rpm
Fuel tank (litres)
Running time per tank @ full load @ 3600 rpm2.2hrs1.8 hrs2.1 hrs1.6 hrs1.7 hrs1.6 hrs2.5 hrs
Low oil protectionNoYesNo
Exhaust spark arrestor Yes / NoNoNo
dBa @ 3600 rpm @ full load85 @ 4m86 @ 4m79 @ 7m78 @ 7m79.5 @ 7m80.5 @ 7m82.5 @ 7m
Bush fire

Davey Firefighter – world famous performance

Fire can be a serious threat to the safety of your loved ones and the security of your property. While major fires such as the Lake Ohau blaze in 2022 and the Pigeon Valley fire in 2021 are reported in the news, Fire and Emergency New Zealand attend more than 4,000 vegetation fires around the country each year! As our summers get warmer and water gets scarcer, the threat of fire increases. Don’t get caught off-guard this summer and be prepared to protect what’s important, should a fire come your way.

Davey’s engine driven pumps, commonly known as Firefighters, are powered by class leading Honda or Yanmar engines, are number 1 in New Zealand, and sold worldwide in some of the driest countries on earth including the UAE, South Africa and Australia.

The Davey Firefighter provides high head performance at 3600rpm whilst still being able to operate across the full pump curve without overloading the engine meaning it can be used effectively in a wide range of scenarios – from an emergency situation where high flow/pressure is required (eg. fighting a fire) to irrigating or washing down or other day-to-day activities that don’t require high levels of pressure or flow.

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Do you know what to do in the event of a bush fire?

Muriwai New,Zealand Nov 29 2019 High Fire Danger

If you live rurally, in dry areas, near scrub or forest or have large crops or tree plantings, being prepared to protect your home, life and livelihood is essential.

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