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Pool, spa and garden pump solutions

Did you know that PASLR can not only service or upgrade your pool pump, we can also set you up with a state-of-the-art pool management system you can control from your phone? Talk to us about how we can make your life easier.

Pool maintenance automation

Davey ChloroMatic LifeguardThe Davey ChloroMatic Lifeguard is a complete pool and chemistry controller that offers simple, automated pool chemistry control and monitoring, is completely plug and play and is easy to install and program. The custom, user-friendly app gives you full control over your pool system, to view and modify filtration schedules and modes, as well as allowing you to adjust set points as required. It can also be controlled locally if you are unable to connect to Wi-Fi networks.

With ChloroMatic Lifeguard, acid dosing, chlorinating, and even pool temperature can all be automated, and the app will let you know if you are running low on salt or minerals, all you need to check is the acid drum. No more surprises when you go to use your pool!

The ChloroMatic Lifeguard controller also integrates with Davey’s compact saltwater chlorinator – the Davey ChloroMatic Nipper™. Both are suitable for pools up to 175,000 litres and can be used for salt or mineral pools.

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Pool pump selection, installation and maintenance

Our pump technicians provide full pool pump servicing. If it’s time for a new pool pump, we can also help you select the right sized pump for your pool and offer a complete installation service.

Just like a home pressure system, your pool or spa operates as part of a complete system, not stand-alone components, so ensure everything is correctly specified, well maintained, and serviced regularly and you’ll never have a green pool.

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Swimming pool filtration

Pool Equipment

No more green pools! For sparkling, clean and dirt-free water make sure you have a Davey pool filter and media to match. Along with removal of dirt and bugs, proper filtration allows for better distribution of the various pool chemicals to combat bacteria, equalling no more green pools! Your swimmers can splash about safely and you can take pride in your pool space. Automatic suction cleaners also do a great job alongside your filtration equipment, to make your pool clean from leaf litter and grime that builds up.

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Garden pumps for ponds and water features

Pool Pond Carp
Pool Pond Waterfall

PASLR can supply and install a range of Davey Dynapond pumps starting at 110 litres/min (appropriate for medium sized ponds ) and starting at $630 for a basic model. Davey Dynapond pumps circulate water 24/7, can be submerged in either a vertical or horizontal position and are safe for aquatic fish as they feature an oil-free motor. Three models are available along with a range of nozzle fittings to create the water feature you want. These pumps are ideal for large domestic and small commercial fountains, waterfalls and ponds.

WARNING! Don’t get sucked in to buying a dirt cheap pump which isn’t designed to run continuously. The minute it fails (which it will) you’ll end up with a smelly green pond that attracts mozzies and other pests – throw in a hot day and you’ll be avoiding your garden at all costs!

Pumps should be chosen based on the recommendation of your landscaping professional.

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Outdoor lighting

When it comes to outdoor lighting it’s vital you have the correct fittings for the environment, that they are installed correctly and are waterproof.

Check out our blog post about Outdoor lighting for more on this.

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