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Available 24/7 for emergencies

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Sewage & Drainage Pumps

If you live rurally, and your home is not connected to the mains sewage services, or if your home is in a low-lying area and you have to pump your wastewater and sewage to the mains, then its important you understand what’s involved in managing your own waste water and sewage system.

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  • Sewage pump installation
  • Sewage pump and septic effluent system maintenance
  • Pump repairs and replacement
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Residential sewers are essentially small pump stations on personal properties which consist of a heavy-duty pump. Their job is to remove waste water from the property including water from your toilet, kitchen sink, shower, bath and laundry – transferring it to the council sewage system.

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As a general rule, the less unnecessary work your pump has to do when transferring your waste water, the less wear and tear it will endure. No matter what amazing feats your pump manufacturer says your pump can accomplish, if you want it to run at optimum efficiency and have longevity, then regular maintenance and adhering to a few simple guidelines is key.

Five things you need to know about your sewage system

Why is it important to regularly service your sewage pump – and what’s involved?
With any system that has mechanical components, regular maintenance is crucial to ensuring it operates properly. On a service call we check your pump and controller, ensure there are no blockages or build up in the pump or pipework and give  everything a good clean. Read more

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How does a sewage pump work?
A sewage pump is a submersible grinder pump which helps grind up the ‘chunks’ contained in black water (the water from your toilet) so that it can more easily be transferred to either the mains sewage system or a septic tank. Read more

Why should I have an alarm on my sewage tank?
No one ever wants to deal with raw sewage, but sometimes the unforeseen happens and a pump fails. A visual and audible alarm on your pump means you can address any issues with the pump, before you end up with raw sewage on your lawn.  Read more

Why do we need two people to go to site?
At PASLR safety is paramount and we work to the highest standard of workmanship which includes adhering to strict safety regulations set out by Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.  When working in confined spaces such as a pit, this means we often need two people to monitor gas levels and ensure the safety of our team. Read more

What should I do if my sewage tank overflows in a storm?
With unpredictable weather patterns and unprecedented weather events on the rise, the best way to avoid problems with your sewage tank during a storm is regular maintenance. Read more

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Case study: Why you shouldn’t scrimp when it comes to the quality of your sewage pump. Read more

Case study: Why an experienced pump technician can save you time and money.  Read more

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Do you have a septic effluent system?
As a property owner, you are responsible for maintaining your on-site wastewater system. Auckland Council requires proof that your septic system is serviced regularly by an authorised company. PASLR are certified to carry out this maintenance to the required standards and will provide proof of servicing to Auckland Council on your behalf.

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We’ll let Poodini explain what happens when you don’t service your septic system!

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