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Water Pumps – Full Installation Service

Looking for the best water pumps in New Zealand? We can help! We can assess your existing pressure system and recommend the most appropriate models suited for your home. Book a job with us today to get started!

The Function of Pressure Pumps

The role of pressure pumps is to ensure constant flow and even water pressure for your home. If you have an existing pump that’s not performing as it should, or if you are building or renovating a property and need advice on the best pump solutions for your build – we can help.

Book a job with us today to service your pre-existing pumps or have new pumps established with our full-installation service.

Handy DIY Tips for Pump Care and Maintenance:

We also offer online support and advice concerning the care and maintenance of your systems. If you’re looking for DIY information concerning what you can do to keep your home pump system in fit condition, explore our handy pump care and maintenance tips to ensure your pump is working at optimum capacity.

Services we offer

Home pressure system maintenance and repair

We offer a number of services including the following:

  • Assessing your existing home pressure system. This includes running tests on your own pump and/or one of our loan/temporary pumps to find the duty point. The estimated time for this service is about an hour.
  • Recommending the most suitable pressure pumps. We provide recommendations (with consideration to the wide range of pumps available) for the model most suited to your home pressure system. We will recommend the best pump capable of delivering the flow and pressure to meet your water usage requirements.
Demonstrating pump options in the PASLR showroom pump support

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Concerned about the current health of your pump?
We service existing pumps and provide a full installation service for new pumps.

Buying a new pump?

When buying a new pump for commercial or residential properties there are a number of things to consider:

Pressure Pump Costs:
The cost of a quality new pressure pump starts from around $610.00 (appropriate for a very small dwelling). From this starting price, values escalate depending on the pressure, flow requirements, and preferred brand of the pump you want.

Important factors to keep in mind when purchasing include:

  • The water source
  • The proposed location of the pump
  • The maximum pressure required, and
  • The flow rate /or the number of taps you wish to operate at once.

Want to learn more? Explore our news articles and support information online to find out more about getting the most cost-effective solutions for your need:

Want the best possible pump for the job? Check out the Davey DynaDrive. Contact us for more

Water pump pressure & flow chart

The optimum water pump solutions for home builds will vary depending on the size of the structure and whether it’s a single-storey or multi-storey build.  Our water pump pressure and flow chart also show additional requirements to consider, such as the number of bathrooms the build possesses, whether it is equipped with modern appliances, etc.

Water pump pressure and flow chart

Latest Product

The Davey AquaShield 2.0 has two superior plug-and-play packages for domestic water boosting and treatment.

With competitive pricing and incredible benefits, this product is the perfect solution for rainwater harvesting or switching between tanks and mains. The system delivers constant pressure while offering energy efficiency and water-saving solutions for medium to large homes.

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Have any unanswered questions? If so, please contact us by email at service@paslr.co.nz or give us a call on  +64 9 414 0030. For expert assistance with your existing pressure pumps or new installations, click below to book a service with us today.

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