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Wireless Tank Water Indicators

Smart Water. Smart technology.
Simple to install. Simple to monitor.

The inconvenience – and potential cost – of running out of tank water can be avoided by installing a wireless tank water level indicator. All Pumps supply and install Smart Water products, the most advanced wireless tank level indicator systems available featuring LCD touch screens and solar powered sensors. Installing a wireless tank water indicator means you’ll avoid running out of water, frying your pump or having to climb into your tank to check the water level.

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PASLR can help you find the right system for your situation, call us on 0800 255 786.

PASLR can help you find the right system for your situation

Call PASLR 0800 255 786

There’s a perception, especially in Auckland, that because we get so much rain we can’t run out of water, but unless you are actively monitoring your tank levels it is more common than you think. We will often get calls from customers because their pump isn’t working and it’s surprising how often it’s because their tanks have run dry.

Installing a tank water indicator is simple and monitoring is easy. A probe inside the water tank calculates the pressure on the probe, which then tells the sensor how much water is in the tank.

What is really clever about this technology is as soon as you hook it up, it starts to build a history of your water usage and will tell you if you’re using more than normal, it also tells you when you’re likely to run out of water given your usage rate, which takes away the guess work.

Tracking your water usage also means abnormalities such as system leaks can be picked up earlier. The display unit is small and discreet and can be conveniently located in the corner of your kitchen or garage. The system can also be upgraded to monitor several tanks on the one LCD display.

The system is ideal for people who have hard to reach tanks or who simply aren’t able to manually watch the levels themselves.

PASLR can help you find the right system for your situation.

Tank water indicator and appAbove ground tanks – Davey TankSense Water Level Monitor

  • Customised to suit individual households water usage
  • Ideal for rainwater dependant homes
  • Domestic or commercial applications
  • Provides real time data direct to mobile phone via an App
    • How many days of water left remaining
    • Tracks monthly water usage
    • Alerts when tank water levels are running low
    • Predicts rainfall events based on weather patterns and forecasts
  • App compatible with IOS and Android mobile phones
  • Bluetooth connection

Below ground tanks – Smart Water Wireless Tank Level System

  • Accurately measures water pressure
  • Information relayed via digital wireless signal to LCD screen monitor
  • Alerts to unusual usage, potential faults or leaks and time to empty
  • Immediately starts monitoring and builds a history of your usage
  • Solar powered tank unit so no ongoing maintenance required
  • Unit can be upgraded to monitor up to 9 different tanks on the one LCD screen
  • Wireless pump control functionality can be added
  • Long range options available