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Water Purification Systems & Filtration Solutions

The water that comes out of our taps is not like the fresh clean water of a mountain stream or the filtered water within organic fruits and vegetables. Water from the tap contains additives from various sources: from the council who add chlorine and fluoride, to the dangerous chemicals from farm runoff into our dams. 

To protect yourself from most of these additives, get yourself a water filter. You’re better off having a water filter doing most of the work than allowing your kidneys and the rest of your organs to do it. Wear out the filter cartridges, not your body!  … and remember to use filtered water in your cooking as well.

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Microlene underbench filter system install - support water treatment

Filtration at your tap

At home or in your workplace, on mains or tank water, our Microlene filtration solutions connect easily under your bench or on your bench top for purified drinking water you can rely on.

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Replacing water filter on whole house system

Filtration for your whole house

More than purified drinking water, Davey’s three-stage filtration and pressure boosting solutions deliver clean, safe water to every corner of your home.

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Technician changing filter

Filtration if you’re on tank water

There’s no need to sacrifice on taste or quality if you rely on tank water with Davey’s range of whole house and point of use water filtration solutions.
Find out more about rain water harvesting >

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Water dispenser servicing

Filtration for your workplace

Provide your staff and customers with great tasting purified drinking water with our range of stylish plumbed in and free standing water coolers and fountains by Microlene.

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Point of use water filtration

Whether you are on council mains or reliant on rainwater harvesting for your drinking water, installing a Davey Microlene point of use water filtration system will ensure your drinking water is not only free from harmful contaminants but tastes great and is free from unpleasant odours.

High Flow Tap

Microlene High Flow Under Bench Filtration System

Not only is the new Microlene three-way mixer tap a sight to behold, its what’s under the bench that is truly impressive. The Microlene High Flow Under Bench Filtration System delivers next generation home water treatment technology with 5-stage filtration and purification plus water softening in one handy cartridge – it’s the cleanest, best tasting water in town.

With the option of chrome finish or chrome matt (brushed nickel) the Microlene three-way mixer tap gives you hot, cold and filtered mains water, all from the one mixer. There’s absolutely no mixing of filtered and unfiltered water. This is a great choice for new builds or when replacing your tapware during a renovation.

Compatible for both municipal supply and tank water Microlene High Flow also provides a faster flow rate of 9.5 litres per minute, which means you get more purified water, faster.

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Underbench filtration system servicing

Microlene Under Bench Filtration Systems

PASLR provides a large selection of water filtration solutions for you to choose from to have installed in your home. One of the easiest water purification systems for supplying your family with clean filtered water is our high-quality Microlene Under Bench Filtration System.

Microlene Under Bench water filters are all watermark-certified and include a high-quality chrome bench tap, a long-life water filter, and a full installation kit that makes everything crystal clear for you.

They offer effective water purification and are amazingly easy to use, offering an affordable way to provide your family with constant access to fresh, filtered water.

Microlene Under Bench Water Filter Cartridges

The replacement cartridges for our water filtration technology last up to three years, making them a great economical and affordable alternative to bottled water. In fact, it works out at being just under one cent per litre that you’re paying for your filtered water (with maximum usage).

Microlene underbench filtration system kit

Product Details

Installed Microlene underbench filtration system

PASLR stocks all the necessary Microlene Water Filter products that you’ll need to keep your Under Bench Filtration System functioning continuously. Our prices are extremely competitive in comparison to third-party resellers, and are conveniently available here for you to purchase online.

The Microlene Water Filters we stock are:

  • PC1H1
  • PC2HK1
  • MPP
  • MSP
  • MRRC1
  • MTRC1
  • MTRC2

Microlene Bench Top Water Filtration Kit (Mains Water)Microlene Bench Top Filtration Systems

If you’re renting or want the flexibility of a water filtration system that can be installed in a matter of minutes then removed and taken with you, our range of bench top water filters are for you. Providing the same quality filtration as our Davey Microlene under bench range, our bench top water filtration solutions take out unwanted contaminants in your tank or mains water and include granulated activated carbon to improve taste and odour.

With a filter life-span of three years for mains water filters and two years for rainwater filters, it is an affordable way to ensure your family get clean, safe, great tasting drinking water when you turn on the tap.

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