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Purified Drinking Water

PASLR provides a large selection of water filtration solutions for you to choose from to have installed in your home. One of the easiest options for supplying your family with clean filtered water is our Microlene Under Bench Filtration System.

Our Microlene Under Bench Water Filtration Systems are all watermark certified, and include a high-quality chrome bench tap, a long-life filter and a full installation kit that makes everything crystal clear for you.

They offer an amazingly easy and affordable way to provide your family with constant access to fresh, filtered water.

Microlene Under Bench Cartridges

The replacement cartridges for our water filtration technology last up to three years, making them a great economical and affordable alternative to bottled water. In fact, it works out at being just under one cent per litre that you’re paying for your filtered water (with maximum usage).

Product Details

PASLR stocks all the necessary Microlene Water Filter products that you’ll need to keep your Under Bench Filtration System functioning continuously. Our prices are extremely competitive in comparison to third-party resellers, and are conveniently available here for you to purchase online.

The Microlene Water Filters we stock are:

  • PC1H1
  • PC2HK1
  • MPP
  • MSP
  • MRRC1
  • MTRC1
  • MTRC2
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