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Drinking Water Systems (kitchen and fridge)

Did you know that water from the kitchen tap contains additives from various sources: from the council who add chlorine and fluoride, to dangerous chemicals from farming and agriculture which runoff into our dams? 

At home or in your workplace, on mains or tank water, our Microlene filtration solutions connect easily under your kitchen bench, on your bench top or externally to your fridge for purified drinking water you can rely on.

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Which setup is right for you?


Use your existing tap$$

The easiest option, will work with any kitchen top setup.


Rain water

From $412.85 + Install

  • Microlene Bench Top Water Filter Kit


  • Save

    Microlene High Flow Under Bench Filtration System

    High Flow no tap $368.86


Dedicated drinking water tap$$

You will need space to mount your tap near your sink and a benchtop or sink surface that can be drilled such as stainless steel or Formica.


Rain water

From $477.25 + Install

Microlene Under Bench Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

The replacement cartridges for our water filtration technology last up to three years, making them a great economical and affordable alternative to bottled water. In fact, it works out at being just under one cent per litre that you’re paying for your filtered water (with maximum usage).

Davy Microlene Drinking water filters
Mains CartridgesRainwater Cartridges

How does a drinking water
filter work?

How does a drinking water work

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