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Microlene Acquasafe Tank Water Treatment

Tank Water Sterilisation

What is Acquasafe?

Acquasafe trank water treatment is a tasteless, odourless, chlorine-free liquid that is designed specifically for tank water sterilisation.

While rainwater starts out clean (bacteria and virus-free), as soon as it hits a collecting surface like a rooftop, dangerous bacteria can enter the water. For example, animal and bird droppings, dust, dirt, and decaying vegetable matter (e.g., leaves) can contaminate tank water.

Each of these sources of contamination can lead to dangerous bacteria entering your water supply, like E.Coli and streptococci.

Acquasafe uses patented technology to kill bacteria and viruses that are harmful to people and animals. It also protects your water tanks from recontamination for up to two months.

Benefits of Microlene’s Acquasafe Tank Water Treatment

Non-Toxic and Safe to Use

  • Acquasafe water tank sterilisation is completely non-toxic and safe to use around your family. Unlike chlorine which has carcinogenic by-products, Acquasafe breaks down into oxygen and water.
  • The main ingredient of Acquasafe is a special combination of hydrogen peroxide, which is listed in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines to treat drinking water. Microlene Acquasafe uses a stabilising agent to ensure the longevity of the formula.

How Acquasafe works, safety, dosage and ongoing treatment – all your questions answered in this short video.

Acquasafe is Effective

  • Over 170 extensive tests conducted worldwide have proven Acquasafe kills over 60 different germs, bacteria, viruses, amoeba, biofilms, and other pathogens.
  • Acquasafe oxidizes all germs immediately and then leaves a residual to ensure the water stays clean.
  • For added protection against protozoan cysts like giardia and cryptosporidium, it is recommended to use one-micron depth filtration in conjunction with Acquasafe for general disinfection.

Longer Lasting and Better Than Chlorine

  • Protects water for up to two months under normal conditions, which means clean water for longer.
  • Chlorine-based disinfectants will only disinfect your water for at most a couple of days.
  • Chlorine leaves no residual and water is therefore susceptible to recontamination.
  • Chlorine leaves an offensive taste and smell.
  • Acquasafe reduces the frequency of dosing and monitoring with test strips will ensure water remains safe.
  • Long-lasting action ensures water is disinfected to the point of use.

Cost Effective

  • One litre of Acquasafe can protect 15,000L of water from contamination for up to two months.
  • A single drop of Acquasafe can sanitise almost 4½ glasses of water! Therefore, the cost of protecting your water with Acquasafe is very low.

Check out our Microlene Acquasafe Tank Water Treatment PDF For more information on Microlene Acquasafe, including standard dosage and re-dosing.

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