Microlene Under Bench Water Filter (Mains Water) – MPP

Microlene Under Bench Water Filter (Mains Water) – MPP

Standard connection, premium purifier with lifespan of up to 3 years or 30,000 litres

You will need a PLV with this filter, read more

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Need a PLV? Your filters will not be covered under warranty unless you have a PLV fitted.

Pressure Limiting Valve - PLV

Pressure Limiting Valve - PLV

Pressure Limiting Valves must be installed in the system before the purifier, this is to protect against water hammer or pressure surges from the water supply (which could crack the purifier if left unprotected). Note: Failure to install the Pressure Limiting Valve will void your warranty.

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  • Mains/Town Water Under Bench Replacement Cartridge
  • 10 Micron to 1 Micron
  • 4 litres per minute maximum flow
  • Recommended life – Up to 3 years based on usage
  • Includes Granulated Activated Carbon to improve taste and odour and KDF media to extend cartridge life.

How to change your under bench filter cartridges >

Town water under bench replacement purifier – PC2HK1 1 micron 4 litres/min maximum flow rate KDF/GAC 3 year life.

Enhances the taste of cooking, tea, coffee, cordials, and drinking water.

Spec sheet: Click here

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