Available 24/7 for emergencies

Available 24/7 for emergencies

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Emergency Lighting Maintenance Saves You Getting Caught in the Dark

Emergency and exit light maintenance

Winter goes hand in hand with bad weather, dark days, and an increase in the chance of power outages due to storms, so the time to think about your emergency lighting is now.

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PASLR offer a comprehensive emergency lighting maintenance service. We test your system to make sure it’s fully functional and at the same time check all the lamps in the common areas including foyer lights, plant rooms and carparks etc. We monitor your batteries, adjust your automatic lighting to match the season, and monitor and replace any items which have failed under warranty free of charge.

As you know, regular services are required for compliance with the Building Act and the frequency of these services will depend on how old your building is. If you are in a newer building you may only be required to have your lights inspected every six months but Darlene Henshaw says this isn’t always the smartest option.

“Six months is a long time between visits and lots of batteries can fail over this time which can mean a large bill for the customer. Sometimes changing to quarterly maintenance can help manage costs and safety risks,” she says.

Blair Urlich, Operations Manager and an IQP* in emergency lighting for PASLR, says one of the benefits of having regular checks performed by the same electrician is they develop an intimate knowledge of your site and are often able to spot potential problems before they become serious.

He also says what goes on behind the lamps themselves is crucial, even more so with long lasting lights. “Even if you’ve got LED fittings you’ve got a battery that might fail. Sure, they give you a longer life but it’s also about the fittings behind the lamp and if they’re not up to scratch they could fail, so the driver is the important part. Maintaining them is the key because it’s when they’re not maintained and they fail that it becomes costly. The more regularly we do the checks, the more you save over time.”

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*Independently Qualified Person = a person who is accepted by a territorial authority as being qualified to carry out or supervise all or some of the inspection, maintenance, and reporting procedures required for a specified system stated on a compliance schedule. An IQP must have a thorough knowledge of the Building Act 2004 and of other legal obligations under the Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) regime.

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