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LED Floodlights Offer ‘Set and Forget’ Security

Floodlighting at night at storage facility

Almost gone are the days of constantly changing out failed lamps. With the surge of LED technology most of our work has switched from repairing to upgrading, and with the cost of LED fixtures and lamps on the downward slide, more and more businesses are enjoying the peace of mind which comes with long lasting, quality lighting that requires very little maintenance.

Over the years PASLR have provided ongoing security and safety lighting solutions for a relocations and storage company in Albany. We recently installed large floodlights in their yard where their fleet of removal trucks are housed. When their old lighting would fail the yard would often get broken into. We installed 200W LED floodlights which are weatherproof and on timers which means as soon as it gets dark they provide instant security.

Outside lighting at night at storage facility

“Over the past few years we’ve seen a real expansion in the security lighting market and many more options when it comes to choosing lighting for commercial buildings. It used to be that there was really only one option when it came to security floodlights, now, you can have options in style and range,” says Blair Urlich, Operations Manager for PASLR.

While there are always going to be cheap DIY options on the market, at PASLR we never cut corners and only install fixtures we are able to stand by – both in quality of product and workmanship.

“Several years ago, we installed LED warehouse lighting for this customer. They are very bright and tick all the boxes when it comes to workplace health and safety. They’re a great investment and the quality of the fixtures and the lamps means we haven’t had any issues with them for around five years now – they just run as they are meant to with zero maintenance,” says Blair.

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