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Is it Time to Start Using Timers on Your Lights?

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Installing timers can be an easy and affordable way to reduce your power consumption.

Ever driven past an office building late at night and noticed all the windows lit up like a Christmas tree and not a soul in sight? Or come home to find the kids have left all the lights and the heater on? If you’re anything like us, you’ll shudder to think what the power bill is going to look like.

Saving power is the main reason to install timers on your lights.

In the office (especially over winter) it’s useful to have your lighting on timers and daylight switches. If you have staff leaving in the dark they are less inclined to switch the lights off before they go – often because they need to see where they are going and sometimes the transition from office lighting to security lighting isn’t seamless. Likewise, you want to ensure your staff arriving to the office before the sun has come up have adequate lighting to safely enter the building and get stuck into work – so having the lights set to come on just before they arrive is helpful.

If you know the office will be vacated by 10pm and the earliest someone arrives is 6am you can save a considerable amount of power over those eight hours if a timer is automatically switching your lights off. You can also install an override button in the event things change.

“Old buildings can be using 100W per fitting, so you can easily have 1000W pumping away on one floor alone and if this goes on all night when no one is using the space it’s going to make a real impact on your power bill,” says Blair Urlich, Operations Manager.

At home, if you want to make sure the heaters go off at a certain time you can put them through power point timers and if you head out the door before the kids you can program the lights to switch off after they leave. Timers allow you to have week day and weekend settings to suit your lifestyle.

Installing timers can be an easy and affordable way to reduce your power consumption. Talk to one of our team about what options are right for your home or office on ph (09) 414 0030 or service@paslr.co.nz.

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