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How to Choose LED Lighting

Comparing LED options with customer

There’s a reason why LEDs are often much cheaper in supermarkets and other retail outlets. So why the difference in price?

“The issue is when you buy products from a non-reputable band, these manufacturers flood the market with cheap, one off products and it’s a lucky dip – if something happens to the lamp you’ve got no way of replacing them as the manufacturer is not traceable and there are usually no warranties,” says Blair Urlich, Operations Manager.

At PASLR we only stock reputable brands which means if you have any problems whatsoever you can bring it back and get it sorted. So, you’re not only getting better quality but assurance that if there’s a problem you’re covered.

One of the most frustrating things we find DIYers experience is problems with dimmers. If you’re replacing LED lamps which are connected to a dimmer you need to ensure the lamps are in fact dimmable – it should tell you this on the box. You also need to ensure that your fittings and your lamps are compatible. If you use the wrong type of lamps and try to dim them they will most likely break. “If you install an LED lamp and you are getting a shimmer or they are not looking quite right at the Iow end it means the dimmer needs to be upgraded,” says Blair.

Having someone who knows what they’re doing, such as one of our qualified electricians, means your investment in your LED lighting won’t go to waste.

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