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The Price is Down on LED Lighting

LED light fitting
Making it the perfect time to make the switch

If it’s been several years since you looked at replacing your existing fittings and lamps for LED versions, then perhaps it’s time to take another look. Prices have dropped considerably over the past couple of years, making upgrading your home within reach.

We all know that switching to LED significantly reduces your power consumption but with the fast uptake on LED we’re seeing not only reasonably priced fittings hit the market, but designs which are stylish and less clunky than previously offered.

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“When you change a fluorescent tube or a downlight and a transformer – it’s pretty much the same price as getting a new fitting with LED,” says Blair Urlich, Operations Manager. “Where you might pay $25 to fix a downlight you can often get an LED for around $30, so it’s really becoming an affordable option for people.”

Downlights can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your house and give the whole space an instant upgrade – especially when you install a dimmer. LEDs make things brighter and come in a range of different coloured lamps to suit your needs – you may prefer a softer tone in the lounge and a whiter colour in the kitchen. With the prices more affordable you can upgrade quite quickly and cheaply.

Book a technician today to assess your property and provide you with options on ph 09 414 0030 or service@paslr.co.nz.

LED light fitting

We are proud to stock high quality New Zealand designed LED fittings from Visionary. This is the Astra LED, designed and built in Canterbury, New Zealand. It comes with a 10 year lamp and driver warranty and has an ultra-long lifespan lighting engine exceeding 60,000 hours. For a full range of product options contact our team on ph 09 414 0030 or service@paslr.co.nz.

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