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Tips to save – from the team at PASLR

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We thought we’d share with you a list of what we all either recommend to family and friends or do in our own lives to save energy.

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  1. Consider installing more energy efficient appliances, including your pump. Davey’s new DynaDrive variable speed drive pump is a great example.
  2. Change your lighting to LED – whether you swap out fittings, bulbs or both, every bit counts!
  3. Control systems on appliances (such as VSD controls) help manage the level of energy use better.
  4. Install motion sensors and daylight switches on your home, office or factory lighting to ensure lights are only on when needed.
  5. Never boil a full kettle if you don’t need it – it will save you time as well.
  6. Switch off appliances when you’re not using them to save up to 10% of household power use. Computers, TVs and modems are the biggest offenders when it comes to passive electricity use.
  7. Put timers on heaters and heat pumps to turn off after a particular time.
  8. When heading away on holidays or for extended periods of time turn everything off.
  9. Make use of the oven when it’s up to heat.
  10. Limit the time the fridge and freezer doors are open. Appliances with built in alarms are handy.
  11. Get your appliances tested and tagged – they could be draining power without you realising.
  12. If your power usage seems unusually high get your system checked – power leakages are especially common in rural settings.
  13. Ventilate your house to minimise cooling and fan use.
  14. An insulated house will save on power as it will stay cooler in summer and warmer for longer in winter.
  15. Check you’ve got a good ‘deal’ with your power company and ensure you pay on time to get the prompt payment discount.
  16. Install solar panels to save up to 50% on your energy bill.
  17. Get an app on your phone to monitor your daily power usage – each power company has their own.
  18. Make sure your washing machine is programmed to use cold water (they default to warm) and use the quick wash on the dishwasher whenever you can.
  19. Check your hot water cylinder thermostat to ensure it’s working and your cylinder is not continually re-heating/on all the time.
  20. Hang up your clothes instead of using the dryer and make use of your hot water cupboard if you have one.
  21. Check and change the temp of your fridge through the seasons – it doesn’t need to be as cool in winter.
  22. If you have mixer taps and don’t need to use hot water, make sure you turn them to cold before running them.

For more tips on how to be smarter with your energy usage give our friendly team a call any time on 0800 255 786.

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