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Why is LED the Best Choice for Security Lighting?

Outdoor floodlighting for security

If your security lighting is reliant on old technology and lamps, here are a few good reasons why making the switch to LED makes sense.

  • LED lamps last longer (even when they are going on and off all the time)
  • There is less chance of the light going out and if they are in hard to reach places this will save you having to replace them often
  • It’s not uncommon to have a light which has been out for some time before anyone notices – with LEDs you are reassured that your security lights are going to be working for longer
  • Built in sensors mean there is less chance of the electrics being exposed to and damaged by weather
  • The price of the LEDs has dropped considerably making them more affordable and comparable to the price of older style fittings and lamps
  • You’re getting a superior product – LED is the way of the future
  • Swapping your existing fittings is a very simple, straightforward process
  • Servicing and maintaining LEDs is just as easy (if not easier) than older style fittings

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