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Why do I Need to Check my Water Tank Regularly?

Corrugated rainwater tank

If it’s been a while since you’ve checked your tank – now is the time!

Low tank water levels are one of the most common causes of pump issues. When water levels are low debris builds up at the bottom of the tank and causes pipes to get blocked, with the most common point for blockages at the entry level valve. Once this happens the pump will work harder to try and move the water through and can cause the pump to shut down to protect itself.

Take out the guess work – Customers frequently overestimate how much water they’ve actually got in their tanks. Over summer we tend to entertain more, have more house guests and use more water on the garden – if we’re not careful we can quickly run dry.

The inconvenience – and potential cost – of running out of tank water can be avoided by installing a wireless tank water level indicator. For above ground tanks, PASLR can supply and install an advanced wireless tank level indicator system featuring LCD touch screen and real time data sent directly to your mobile phone via an app.

Installing a wireless tank water indicator means you’ll avoid running out of water, frying your pump or having to climb into your tank to check the water level.

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance – We can’t stress enough how important it is to carry out regular maintenance on your home pressure system. It’s the single best way to ensure everything is working as it should be and help avoid unnecessary surprises. If you’re overdue a check-up, get in touch with our friendly team on 0800 255786 – we’ll get you up and running at full capacity in no time.

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