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How are Water Coolers Better for the Environment?

Davey Microlene bottom load bottle and plumbed in water coolersAnything we can do to reduce plastic bottle use is a good thing. That’s why having pure filtered water in your workplace, either in the form of a water cooler or an under-bench filtration unit is a great way to get the quality of water your team want, without all the wastage.

But what about the disposable cups? Our water coolers have previously been stocked with semi-bio-degradable cups and while that was a positive thing, we take our environmental impact seriously and are always looking to see ways in which we can improve. We now supply fully bio-degradable cups with all our water coolers – saving on landfill and meaning we can better align with our customers who also care about the earth.

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While we know many people in offices use the water cooler to refill their own drink bottles or glasses (both of which have an even lighter environmental impact) we always recommend you ensure you’re using a nice clean vessel to ensure your water isn’t being contaminated.

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