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How Long is my Microlene Water Filter Warranty?

Installing a Microlene underbench water filterMost* bench-top and under-bench filters have a twelve-month warranty and to ensure your filters are working at full capacity we recommend regular maintenance as suggested by the manufacturer.

It’s worth noting that a filter’s purpose is to stop unwanted ‘stuff’ getting into your drinking water, so just because your filter has blocked, doesn’t mean it’s not doing its job.

Should your filter casing split, it is highly unlikely that it is due to a manufacturing fault. We often find that when the casings fail it’s usually because they have been dropped or in the case of an under-bench filter, they have been over pressured, i.e. there’s no Pressure Limiting Valve installed before the filter to allow for any unexpected pressure spikes and the filter explodes – which is why we always recommend our plumbed-in/under bench water filters have one fitted.

To ensure your filter warranty is valid always ensure your filters are installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

*Check the specific conditions of the product you have purchased

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