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Is My Microlene Cooler Under Warranty?

Davey Microlene plumbed in and bottle top water coolersAll Microlene water cooler products, whether freestanding or benchtop, bottle top or plumbed-in, have a 3-year warranty which covers failure of mechanisms or materials.

You should always register your product with the manufacturer – either directly with Davey or via PASLR. That way there is a record of when the warranty started plus we can ensure your cooler is serviced as per the manufacturer’s guidelines and the filters changed when it’s time.

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Common things that could void your warranty:
  • Unplugging your cooler for an extended period of time – this can result in the seals and compressor drying out
  • Physical damage such as dropping and cracking cooler bottles or breaking the taps
  • Installing your cooler in adverse conditions – your cooler should always be located in a dry, level position
  • Not installing a Pressure Limiting Valve – plumbed-in coolers must always have a PLV installed with them
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