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Handy Tips - Refilling Your Water Tank

Household water tank

With many Kiwis (especially Aucklanders) at home much more often than usual thanks to lockdowns, you may find you’ve gone through more tank water than you usually do at this time of year. As we creep towards the driest months of the year it’s important to ensure you have an adequate supply of tank water – especially if you’re using it for whole of house.

If you haven’t checked your tank recently, here are some good reasons why it’s a good time to do it. Fitting your tank with a tank water indicator also means there is no nasty surprise of running out of water – especially when delivery times are longer than expected or there is increased demand.

At all costs, it’s important to ensure your tank doesn’t run out of water, but if you do, or you’ve had maintenance or repairs done which have required you to drain your tank, there are few things you need to beware of.

Filling your tank with new water churns up all the dregs in the bottom of the tank – sometimes stuff you didn’t even know was there (thank goodness for filtration!). If you start using the water immediately after filling it, before the sediment has had a chance to settle, you run the risk of clogging filters and putting your pump under undue stress.

All tanks vary, but it is recommended you leave the water to settle for as long as possible and check inside the tank before turning on the tap to ensure you’re good to go.

To find out more about rainwater harvesting – how to set your system up for efficiency and the importance of home water filtration, choosing the right pump and more, get in touch with the PASLR team today – we’ll have your crucial services sorted.

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