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Why is Filter Maintenance Important?

Clean and dirty water filters from whole house system
Replacing water filter on whole house system

Dirty drinking water and undue pressure on your pump are the top two reasons why regular filter maintenance is really important.

If your filter is filthy, it means it’s done its job, but once it’s full of muck it’s no longer doing what it’s meant to and your drinking water could be at risk of contamination. For anyone who has suffered from water borne diseases like Cryptosporidium or Giardia, you will know that they can be a lot more severe than say food poisoning and certainly something you should try to avoid at all costs – especially for those who are vulnerable such as children or the elderly.

If your filters are clogged up it’s also going to reduce the flow in your system and your pump is going to be working overtime to try and get your water where it’s needed. If things get really bad, your pump will eventually stop working.

Don’t forget if you’re moving into a property – make it a priority to check your filters!

These filters came out of a house no-one had lived in for two years. The new owners asked us to service the pump and replace the filters ‘if necessary’. We think they may have dodged a bullet!!

Every property and environment will differ slightly, for example, during certain times of the year pollen getting into the tank and blocking the filters can be a major problem in some areas so filters need to be checked and replaced more frequently. Extremes in weather can also have an impact – over summer when temperatures soar and we’re drinking and using more water, filters end up working overtime.

Another thing we check during regular maintenance is whether or not your filters are big enough for your pump – looking at the whole system or the big picture means we can ensure your filters are doing what they should be and your pump is supported by all the right equipment.

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How do you know if your filters need changing?
Sometimes, you’ll notice a change in taste of your drinking water or a lingering smell after you’ve run the dishwasher – these could be signs that impurities are making their way into your water, but often you can’t taste or smell when your water is contaminated.

Generally, during regular maintenance we will replace first and second stage filters every six months and UV once a year when we perform an annual whole system check.

If you’re not on a regular maintenance plan and aren’t sure when your filters were last changed, it’s worth carefully removing the housing from your filters and checking them.

Silt caked on filterThese filters start out white, so you can be pretty sure if they look like this they are no longer doing their job – or worse, they are contaminating your water further. Check out the gunk!!

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