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Why Service Your Water Cooler?

Tech servicing and sanitising water cooler

Hygiene is the number one reason to keep on top of your water cooler maintenance.

With lots of people drinking out of the office water cooler the safety of your staff is really important – your water needs to be sterilised and pure.

While the water itself is fine as it is sourced from council mains and already chlorinated, it’s the dust and other impurities which can enter the cooler when you’re taking the bottle off and replacing it every few days.

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The filters in your water cooler are excellent, but only have a certain life span – measured by length of time or by number of litres passing through – whichever comes first.

All cooler filters come with manufacturer’s recommendations as to how often you need to change your filters. If you don’t change them at the specified time, it is likely you will start getting bacteria reproducing inside the filter and coming through to your drinking water. The whole point of having filtered water is to ensure safe and potable drinking water – so having filters that are maintained, replaced when required and working correctly is a vital part of the process.

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