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Case Study: The Lights go on at Davey with LED Upgrade

Davey Water Products warehouse

Davey Water Products (Davey) take safety very seriously, especially in their busy warehouse, which is why they had PASLR install new LED fittings and globes throughout – creating a much brighter, lighter and safer workplace for their staff and visitors.

With 30ft high ceilings the last thing you want to be doing is constantly changing blown lamps. With good quality LED technology you can install lighting and not have to worry about changing globes for years.

“The new lighting looks very modern and sleek and has a small physical footprint, some of the older fittings are a bit of an eyesore,” says Blair Urlich, Operations Manager for PASLR.

Kristian Tkatchenko, General Manager for Davey says he is very happy with the results. “It is like a shopping centre now it’s so bright, we’re thinking of upgrading the all the rest of our lighting to LED to save power and for longevity,” he says.

Whether you need to upgrade your fluorescent high bay lighting or want to explore the options available with LED lighting, our team of qualified electricians are just a phone call away and can help you make the right decision for your factory, warehouse or office.

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