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Darker Days Call for Softer Office Lighting

Soft office lighting installationAs we approach winter, the days are darker and shorter and that’s when people are going to be most affected by lights being out. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about lamp maintenance and keeping on top of it.

Over the next few months as we see less and less natural light, many office based people are subjected to a large amount of light coming from their computer screens, but when they switch to working at the desk e.g. reading, the light is too much.

Blair Urlich, Operations Manager, says sometimes the lights above desks can be too bright and hard on the eyes – especially when users are moving from the screen to the desk, but factoring in the correct level of light for desk work is also important. “The solution to this might be to install a softer or warmer light. It will have the same level of illumination, but feels more comfortable, and it’s as simple as changing the lamps,” he says.

The New Zealand Association of Optometrists website tells us eye strain is often caused by excessively bright light either from outdoor sunlight coming in through a window or from harsh interior lighting. They suggest, when you use a computer, your ambient lighting should be about half as bright as that typically found in offices.

For advice on how to light your office space for comfort and safety speak to one of our team of qualified electricians.

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