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How is Bacteria Getting Into my Pre Delivered Water Cooler Bottles?

Water cooler water bottle replacementIf you’re using a water cooler service where your water is pre delivered in bottles you have no idea where that water has come from.

We’ve all been driving around Auckland and noticed those big trucks filled with water bottles – exposed to pollution from city traffic and being wheeled all over the place on trolleys. The bottles, once delivered, often sit in your office somewhere out of the way, gathering dust until you go to use them. You have no idea how long the water has been sitting inside the bottle, how much exposure to sunlight it has had on its travels and we can guarantee you probably never wipe the top of the bottle before you tip it into the cooler – allowing all those impurities and grime into your water.

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While that might sound dramatic, we don’t want to scare you (well perhaps a little bit). It’s only because there is a safer, more hygienic way. What we offer at PASLR is the following;

  • You always have your own water bottle which you fill yourself, this means you know how long water has been in there, your bottle never travels outside and is only handled by you or our service technicians when they carry out routine maintenance and cleaning
  • Your filter is changed regularly, your bottle cleaned thoroughly, and all care is taken to ensure your bottle and system is in tip top condition
  • We go that extra mile to ensure everything is perfectly clean and hygienically fresh before our technicians leave

Contact us to find out more about making the switch to Davey Microlene water coolers.

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