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How to keep your water cooler safe

Water cooler servicing and sanitation

With more people working from home these days, many offices are less frequented, which means office water coolers can sit dormant from time to time throughout the year – not just during the holidays.

Which is why it is super important that you sanitise your coolers regularly and make sure your team have safe drinking water. Keeping up good hygiene practices in these common areas will also help reduce the spread of winter nasties. Here are a few simple tips to ensure you’re ready to go.

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Tips for water cooler sanitisation and safety
  • Bottle water coolers: if water has been sitting unused in your fountain or cooler, you’ll need to empty the bottle and rinse it out, clean the flow cap with soapy water and rinse then refill the bottle and put it back on the cooler. Running several litres of water through your taps will be required to rinse out stagnant water that has been sitting in the pipes. If your water still shows colour, sediment or has an odour book with us for a sanitisation visit.
  • Plumbed in coolers and fountains: you’ll need to flush several litres of water through the cooler to bring new water through the system. The carbon in your filters may get gluggy and not filter properly from sitting unused for a long period of time and the KDF media could harden resulting in taste and odour issues. In this case the filter will need to be changed. You can book with us for a filter change and service or order new filters online.
  • It’s always good practice to wipe stainless fountains regularly with methylated spirits and to wipe dry after use to avoid nasties.
  • Taking precautions around hygiene in communal work spaces and touch points such as cooler fountains and taps is always a smart idea. We’d suggest supplying hand sanitiser next to the cooler just to be safe.
  • Be mindful that any vessel with a small neck could touch the tap. Use disposable cups rather than drink bottles to avoid contamination from one person to another. You can order Eco Cups for $84 inclusive of GST and freight here.

If you’re on our regular servicing schedule and would like extra servicing over the coming months to ensure the health and safety of your people and patrons, book with us now.

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The green stuff on the inside of this bottle is slime. It had been left in the sun with no cover on it at a University which shall remain un-named. A PASLR water cooler cover will help protect your cooler bottle. Click here to find out how >
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