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Is it time to upgrade your water cooler?

Black watercooler in office

There’s no need to let your water cooler be the brunt of office jokes. Being able to provide clean, safe, great tasting drinking water for your staff and customers from a modern, stylish water cooler is within your reach.

Whether you are after stainless steel for a sterile environment, durable granite or sleek streamlined black to match your office décor, we have plenty of styles to choose from.

From ergonomically friendly bottom load bottle designs which make changing the bottle easy, our free standing countertop design – perfect as a movable option for small offices with no nearby mains water access, whatever your requirements or your style we have a solution to suit.

If you already have a cooler in your workplace, don’t forget the key to providing healthy, great tasting water is regular servicing and maintenance, including changing your filters regularly (yes, there are filters in plumbed in models – or attached to the tap you use to fill bottles for the non-plumbed in varieties!).

And remember, it’s crucial to service your water cooler to the user requirements. Just like you would service your car – once a year or every 10,000km, whichever comes first – if your cooler is highly-frequented you’ll need to ensure its serviced more often, otherwise it’s going to start to accumulate grime and bacteria which could make your colleagues or customers sick.

We’ve put together this handy checklist of things you need to know about servicing your water cooler and why it’s so important.

All our water coolers use high-quality Davey Microlene filters and when you buy a water cooler from PASLR, regular maintenance is a part of our service.

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Better for you, better for the environment

With purified, healthy, great tasting water at your fingertips you can stop buying throw away bottles of water plus, with our fully bio-degradable cups, you can rest assured you’re not contributing to landfill.