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Case Study: Sewage pump solutions bring peace of mind

After two pump malfunctions and a lot of mess, PASLR were called in to help Dee and Geoff of Pt Chevalier get to the bottom of their sewerage system problems. Do you have a sewerage system you haven’t had serviced for a while?  Read on to find out how to avoid a s***storm!

The problem:

The first pump failed due to incorrect installation and was a case of an electrician using his own wiring. “An inappropriate wire had been used to connect the pump to the main system, it was housed in an incorrect casing and had corroded so the pump stopped working, the alarm stopped working and the sewage overflowed back into the house and did real damage – we had to do a complete refit downstairs including new carpet,” says Geoff.

When the second pump was initially installed there was an incorrect non return valve installed and over time it had been put under undue pressure. Because the sewage wasn’t flowing correctly it continued to block. The whole system had backed up, the pump had failed from running continuously but not pumping anything because the discharge had blown apart – it was a real mess.

Sewerage access hole

The solution:

PASLR arrived on the scene of the second pump failure and installed a new Davey submersible Grinder pump (D150 GA) with smart controller and alarm – ensuring the pump and all supporting valves and components were correctly specified.

Regular maintenance is always recommended, especially for pumps in adverse conditions such as/technical-pumps/why-should-i-fit-an-alarm-on-my-sewerage-pump/ submersible pumps,” says Kelvin Boyd, Team Leader & Sales Coordinator. “It also provides peace of mind that everything is working correctly and you’re not worried about sewage overflowing due to problems.”

Failed sewerage system with sewage overflow

After the experience Dee says she is convinced that regular maintenance and enlisting qualified, experienced technicians to handle their pumping requirements is the only way to go.

“This possibly wouldn’t have been a problem if we’d had someone offer regular maintenance,” she says. “We didn’t even think of getting the first pump serviced but I guess it is like the dentist, they give you a hurry up and you go along and make sure there aren’t any problems.”

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“I have considerable faith in PASLR. Kelvin has always handled me very well, he’s very calm, accepting… the technicians who have come out have been really good – I appreciate their expertise,” says Dee.

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Tip from the field: We recommend every sewage pump has an alarm. All new pump installs will have an alarm, but alarms can also be retro-fitted to existing pumps. An alarm will alert you if the pit is getting too full so if it goes off you need to give us a call ASAP. Without an alarm you won’t know that there’s a problem until it’s too late.

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